the brand

w i n t e r  '2 4 - february 

A chilling breeze whips through the grassy meadow at bone numbing temps on a uncharacteristically bright afternoon. Central Oregon, a high mountain region nestled in the shadows of the looming Cascade mountain range which stand in line one after the other patiently waiting for their turn to implode. This next chapter of *perceptions with the new brand logo was born here last Summer as I locked myself for a week in as much isolation as anyone these days can find. It was here where I walked beneath ancient trees and brittle pine needles that crunched under each step that I found my own path. I am shifting *perceptions from merely an exploratory project to hopefully something more cohesive, something more honest to who I am and where I come from. A story, a world, a brand. 

I want the logo and the name to be something of a mystery, one that I can hopefully guide with subtle precision that makes each admirer look within themselves to see the world differently, perhaps with a little more perspective, empathy, and understanding of what we truly are, separate from the illusions we've collectively created. 

Thank you for checking out the stuff I am most proud of to date. There is so much more to come and I hope you can join along.

All the best,